Monday 2 August 2010

MuleBar Girls get a kick from pushing their bodies and competing, but they take with them a passion for femininity, friendship and an appreciation for the land that they ride on.

MuleBar Girls love riding bikes in all their diverse forms, don’t try and pin them down to anyone discipline. A Mule Bar Girl has a shed stuffed full of bikes ready to rip on dirt or tarmac.
The summer diary is packed with road-trips. Expect to see Mule Bar represented at 24-hour races, cross-country events, road and downhill races in both the UK and France.

MuleBar Girls believe that women riders can be just as skillful, competitive and dedicated as male racers – and they can do this without leaving behind their femininity. In MuleBar Girls there is nothing wrong with wearing lip-gloss with a full-face helmet. While you aren’t going to catch these girls slowing down for a broken nail they’d like to think they scrub up well after the race.

Wiesia Kuczaj
Wiesia exploded into the London cycling scene, out of nowhere smashing up Rollapaulza times. We all wondered who this tiny, loud, bubbly girl was. She started appearing at a few random events, the odd track session, an alley cat or a road race. Since joining the MuleBar Girls she has settled on a road and track focus, training hard, but still partying hard too. She brought together our guest road team to ensure a strong group in the peleton, who still have the happy, friendly MBG ethos.
Wiesia can also do back flips.

Anna Glowinski
Anna is the head designer for cycle style brand, AnaNichoola. The brand focuses on celebrating women, bikes and the feminine side of the cycling lifestyle. She has taken this philosphy to the Mule Bar Girls Team, by designing their rad kit, perfecting her make-up to match and enjoying regular rides and trips with the Girls. Cycling is in her blood, and so long as it has two wheels she'll be on it, this season she aims to race hard at track, road, MTB, BMX and kick at DownHill! The biggest adventure for Anna is right here and right now, you can guarantee that she is out having the best day of her life as you read this.

Louise Mahe
Louise is well cool, everyone knows that. She is a fierce rider, and proved it by getting junior national road championships aged just 16. She's also really fun, and her cycling took a back seat as she went and hosted in a chalet of a ski resort. Now in her first year of uni she is knuckling down to a degree in Sports and Excerise Science. Aside from racing most weekends throughout the summer and jumping into every adventure going, she will be working as a Rickshaw driver on the streets of Oxford . Told you she was cool.

Rebecca Charlton
Being the face of Cycling.TV and all-round bike geek has earnt Rebecca the title of The Hot One in the cycling world. Rebecca is primarily a trackie and can be found training weekly at the velodrome. She currently holds a second Cat license and can talk all night about the benfits of compression tights and Tom Boonen's receeding hairline, even after everyone has stopped listening she will keep on talking, a glass of wine in her hand and broken cleats on her feet. Friendly and chatty, she has a respected reputation as a cycling journalist, but also as an invaluable Team member; the sort of person you'd want with you on any adventure.

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