Friday, 19 October 2012

Our Playground

So what, the rain is coursing down the windowpane

and the mist from our breath swirls in the damp air as we leave the front door 

And yeah, so the tips of our fingers feel the nip of the cold

and knees left exposed feel stiff and sore 

But this is autumn and the weather is changing

Long sunny nights obscured by the haze of the drizzle and the howl of the wind

The world is nestling down and preparing for hibernation

But the weather doesn’t change us, it just changes what we see

The reds and golds, oranges and crimsons, scarlets and rubies, burgundies and cherries

The rain doesn’t muddy our minds but makes mud our new playground

The jumps, the turns, the hurdles, the burns

The clocks go back and the raindrops cling to the leaves that are clinging to the trees  

But the pedals still turn and our lungs still burn

It’s no worry to us in pursuit of strength and speed as the crest of the hill looms high