Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Kate races again!

Our newest member to racing is Kate Hewett, it's cool as a team to be able to help her and teach her and watch her progress. She is phenomenally strong, and with a bit of experience we have high hopes for her. At the moment, it's so cool to see her having fun and "getting into it." Here's her report of her latest race, none other than the National Women's Hillingdon Grand Prix.  

"It was fun. I finished in the bunch...was pretty high end, found it relatively easy although knew I was never going to do particularly well just by looking at start list. I was really lonely yesterday - it went from me, lou, wie and Fran riding as a team to just me on my own. I got stuck in and just used it to practice cornering and sitting in bunch. I enjoyed it and think I'm slowly getting more confident 
I think next Saturday will be good."

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