Monday, 10 October 2011


I'm a new MBG!

This is a little about me! I'm a full time doctor, full time cyclist and part time lover!

I as you may have grasped am a doctor I started in August. I soon realised that medicine is rather similar to being in the military; there are long periods of bullshit and boredom which the occasion burst of absolutely panic and sheer terror, but there is the odd reward. I am also a cyclist. I haven’t been cycling long only a couple of years but I have found it the perfect antidote to quite a stressful few years of medical school. The two things complement each other quite well and one has helped me get along with the other. For next season I have been lucky enough to be asked to ride with the MBGs. I am SO excited about this.

Being a junior doctor mainly involves being a dogsbody – the ward biatch! to get your own back on being picked on, if you aren’t too busy, you must spend a proportion of the day sitting in the doctors mess watching rubbish tv eating toast and discussing the many meanings of life. Some girl in the mess was lecturing us about how professional sport is a waste of time blah blah – she didn’t look very sporty! and I thought to myself why they hell do I go home most evenings stick on the lycra and pedal my little legs off. It’s the same reason I started doing medicine. I have an overwhelming urge to achieve. I dont want to achieve everything just the things that I deem are important to me. I may never be world champion but all I’m interested in is doing my best be that in the hospital, at home, on the bike. I dont care I just like to achieve. That’s why I do sport. Anyway this girl was banging on and it turns out her Dad was a cricketer. Well that’s not a bloody sport. Any sport where you wear TROUSERS! is not a sport. (end of rant)

Medicine and cycling are similar; both tend to be a constant up hill struggle, there is always someone who is better than you but when it all comes together there is no feeling like it in the world.

Now I should probably write more about cycling. I started CX racing last season I enjoyed it until christmas, I then sat my final medical exams, passed and went off to the Caribbean, costa rica and MIAMI AMI AMI! I had a few spare months at home before I started work. I was completely skint so moved back home and started riding my bike (even more than before). I tried to live the life of a pro but with extra drinking and girls weekends away. Now the cross season is upon us, I’ve spent the summer improving my TTing ability (knocked nearly 3mins off my 10mile time) and riding a few crit races and being completely spanked in some mens road races and a 24h MTB race. Im hoping that this will mean I can move up from triple figures in the NDCXL to double figures and stop being lapped by the boyfriend. My real aim over the next few years is to help a few patients and get good enough at cycling before I get too old and wrinkly that I can be in one of those cycle passion calendars. What a better thing to aim for than some soft core bike porn.

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