Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Looking back on 2012 - Anna G

Riding with the MuleBar Girls has been a bit of a shift for me this year, I've evolved the types of riding that I race at and my work life changed it's pattern too. So where I'd normally see the girls at Herne Hill track and taking the to the Tour Series, I was mostly off doing downhill racing or something adrenaline based. My track bike hasn't been ridden this year once, but it was swapped for a BMX and jump bike.

Time with the girls has been spent on Rebecca's sofa, in the pub or at bike industry events, at which we'd be catching up and swapping stories about what we'd been up to.

I spent a month in Scotland riding, during which I felt terribly homesick, and had missed the team loads, barely even able to keep track of their impressive road and track results on the internet even. So I made up for lost time when we threw ourselves into organising Velo Jam, a women's only open track meet. That was an event I was so proud to be part of, it was a huge success with 50 racers across 3 categories.

Another highlight was the first minidrome of the year in, where V and Rebecca came to support me and I was the fastest girl.

The other stand out moment of mine with the team was in fact a road ride we did together!! It was a wet morning and they'd totally hoodwinked me into thinking it was some promo ride thing i a town, not a 60 miler through the Surrey Hills. However it was so much fun chatting and riding we decided to make sure we do that together at least once a month.

2013 is looking bright and exciting, just more of the same good times :-)

Love Anna xxx

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