Friday, 5 April 2013

Sarah's first TT of the season

Racing again! It must be summer!
You wouldn’t know it from the weather though. Friday was the Good Friday meet at Herne Hill, which was my first race this year and a bit of a shock to the system, but it was great to be back at the track and spending the day with the girls was lovely, and we got amazing new kit which always makes you go faster!

On Saturday afternoon I headed down to Surrey for my first ever time trial. Eek! It was very cold and kept trying to snow but it just about stayed dry for the event, a hilly 10 miles, and windy too! I was nervous but in a good way and excited to see what it would feel like. It turned out it feels very painful, and sicky! I didn’t get an especially good time but that’s good in a way because it leaves plenty of room for improvement, and I like that kind of competition. I think it might be weird to say I really enjoyed it but with a few hours distance on it, I think it was fun, and besides, I’ve already entered another!
Now I have two weeks break to do some training before my first road race of the year, and hopefully the weather can get its act together too.


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