Monday, 25 November 2013

Mud! Glorious Mud!

Here is a quick update from the girls up norf  who are now mid way through the gruelling cross season.

Round 9 of the NDCXL was at the National Water Sports Centre - Holme Pierrepont Nottinghamshire, this is normally a muddy technical course, however this year it was a nice day making a quick fast round. Phoebe and I had a good start and followed by one of our best rides of our season. The climbs on the course really suited us both and we attacked really well throughout the whole race. There was lots of motivation at the top of the longest climb it was like Mule Bar Girl /Sigma Sport corner. My parents are notorious for being top supporters and Mr Sneddon  (phoebe's dad) was also with my parents giving us both his smile and nod of approval as we were killing some of the vet men. Phoebe’s dad is one of my biggest fans and often rides out in freezing temperatures to give us a cheer. Also our fantastic support crew - Lawrence, Gary and Chris were screaming loudly from around the pit on every lap. It was a brilliant atmosphere and the support for Mule Bar Girls is increasing every week. We were 1st and 4th overall after a crash early on put Phoebe out of the running for a top 3 - she did ride like a woman possessed.

The next day was busy, Phoebe was cooking and entertaining family so I headed off to the Linc’s league for a good second race, I came 1st. The linc’s league are always really friendly and a great race for anyone tempted to give cross ago. However the 1 hours duration are a bit of a killer the day after a hard race, but great for use as overload training.

So on Monday we ventured out for a training ride, I was feeling a bit off it, but didn’t want to disappoint snedz (as she did point out to me I always make her ride whatever she feels like). I think I’m turning her into a personal trainer this week, she has been so bloody on it, she has killed me. A Wet and windy ride round Derbyshire and not even a coffee stop it was that cold. Tuesday we did a garage turbo session where I watched Phoebe smashing out some impressive watts, while I decided I definitely had a horrible cold and would pedal along until it was time to get off for a milkshake (Phoebe makes the absolute best recovery milkshakes).

I had the rest of the week resting and getting rid for my cold, in prep for round 10 of the NDCXL. Round 10 was an excellent course, technical and muddy. I was a bit unsure how I’d ride but gave it a good shot and lead the ladies race from the start came 1st and 22nd overall the vets men even though they had a 2 mins start on us ladies. I must have been well rested. My pit crew did a fantastic job as we needed clean bikes nearly every lap. All the ladies did amazing this week with many ladies only having one bike, which made the race seriously hard, but no one gave up, they just cleared their bikes the best as they could and dug in and got on with it, Tracey Flechter came 3rd with one bike - very impressive and highlighted her exceptional skills. A BIG Shout out to Sarah Lomas (Scott epic) returning from injury and coming a strong 2nd and 1st junior, She was so excited to be back racing and back slogging through the mud it was great to see. Next week's training prep is for the National Trophy at Milton Keynes and also mastering Phoebe’s new coffee swiss roll.

A big Thank you to Wildoo for the thermal Mule Bar Tops, they’re proving very useful now we are reach minuses figures.

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