Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The Telford Toothpaste

It’s not often I write about things I have to write about for work in a blog, but when I do I think it obviously means it’s made a big impact.
After hearing Cannondale were looking at sponsoring us with bikes at Christmas I’m not gonna lie I was rather excited. I’d ridden and reviewed a Cannondale Synapse (one of their more sportivey models of bikes) last year and after being surprisingly impressed with the bikes 

handling. (I was surprised I like it because it was fitted with a triple…as a racer I don’t think I’d ever ridden a triple ringed road bike before!) I’d recommended it to people on, and off, the record! So when Cannondale confirmed their interest and offered us the opportunity to ride their Supersix Evo Red for the 2014 season I was delighted.
With the weather as it was this winter I’d barely rode my lovely new Cannondale on the road before my race of the season, but whenever I had it had been awesome. Stiff, responsive and light as a feather meant it made me feel (and hopefully go) faster! Despite riding it all week on our team training camp in Spain I still hadn’t really put the Evo Red through its paces. I’d spent a lot of time ensuring my position was right, as we all know tweaks in stem length and saddle height can make all the difference when it comes to performance.
Last weekend I got asked to step in for a colleague and cover a sportive event called the Telford Toothpaste. Not usually my cup of tea I was non-committal at first, however once I heard it was a semi off road event in homage to Paris-Roubaix I couldn’t say no. Right up my street in terms of hard, technical riding and the perfect opportunity to put my still very shiny Cannondale through its paces.
To summarise the Telford Toothpaste would take some time, but basically it was awesome! I barely stopped grinning the entire ride, never knowing what was round the corner made for an interesting and exciting ride to say the least. However when I rocked up lots of riders were on cross bikes, including the organiser, and I was worried the Evo would maybe not be suitable. From cobbles and rutted paths to sand, full on muddy puddles and even a field, it’s fair to say my Evo was tested to the max. The stiffness meant there was no lack of power transfer, even on the bumpiest terrain, yet it still managed to soak up the worst of the vibrations giving a comfortable ride over the multitude of roads. The Mavic Ksyrium Equipe S wheels were seemingly perfect for all the various conditions thrown at them. Being lightweight and robust they rolled smoothly and got me over everything with ease. No punctures, no mechanicals just one very dirty bike and a super smiley Lou!
All in all I’m one very lucky girl. I get to race an amazing bike thanks to Cannondale, Sigma Sport and CSG and go and sample some of the most exciting cycling events out there!

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