Friday, 23 May 2014

Midweek win for Adel

With only 7 girls signing on for the local midweek race we were set off amongst the 85 3/4 category racers. Now normally I'm the first to be keen to race in with the men but this year I have found the fear and have the jitters bunch racing so the prospect didn't fill me with enthusiasm.

I decided the front was where I needed to be and actually settled pretty quickly only slipping back through the bunch once which was enough to ensure I didn't do it again! Having said that really there were a few 'hold your lines' and 'whoa's' but with an ave speed of over 25mph the racing was relatively safe and controlled.

At this point I would just like to say, when someone asks you to hold your line it's because you are veering in a sporadic manner and causing a ripple of sporadic veering behind you but actually not going anywhere, when I then move through the bunch into spaces that have appeared, taking a moment for a quick check over my shoulder to ensure I'm not about to take anyone with me, its not necessary for you to aggressively repeat my previous comment although it did give me a mid race chuckle :-)

There were, I believe, 3 ladies left in the bunch in the final stages of the race and my nerves got the better of me. I hadn't seen much of the girls during the race so I wasn't sure who was still around, but coming through the chicane to the finish line the bunch got pretty twitchy and I moved myself into the wind and out of it, sure enough a few came down taking youngster and daughter of the race organiser Ruby with them. I know Ruby has a decent sprint on her and seems to getting stronger each year so I am pleased to come away with a win on the night but no one likes a race to finish up this way.

Best healing wishes to all involved but I think it was just surface wounds.

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