Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Just a little brief on the Belgium cross – I can officially confirm when everyone tells you its cold they are bloody right I was not expecting the amount of ice and snow I found. The first race was in Diegem a nice little town near Brussels, I pre rode the course the day before and felt pretty happy with everything. Washed the bike off and chilled to race day, however the first race morning was a little stressful as I found leaving your bike in the van is not a wise idea, one of my bikes was completely frozen. I now realise why everyone was air drying their bikes with such precision out there. However it was too late to do much about it so I one biked it on the first race, which wasn’t too bad really as most of the course was frozen anyway, there were some muddy patches that I ran instead of rode just to keep the bike working. Plus my running isn’t too bad so I don’t think it massively altered my positioning. I came 35th which I think was a reasonable position considering I was gridded toward the back and it was my first ever world class race. 

There were areas I knew I could improve on but this was really what I was here for the experience top races, and practice on obstacles we don’t always get in the UK. Ramps, ditches, sand off camberdescents etc.

The second race was Azencross Loenhout, this was super icy and snowy and pretty intimidating due to the weather conditions but really it was more suited to me there was plenty of running, lots of jumps and a nice fast road sections. I was slightly less nervous as I now understood the set up of Belgium races. So much less stressful no worries regarding pit equipment it is all there for you, people were there willing to help pit for you and generally treated you like royalty. I had a really good race, first half, then I made a few little mistakes, dropped a chain and slipped on some steps but still really got into the race and loved it. I would highly recommend the ladies to go out there and give it ago. I have so much to learn still within cross and thanks to MBG I have had a life time experience I will not forget.

Along side me I had a junior girl that does my local cross league Sarah Lomas that also put in 3 cracking performances. Give her a follow on twitter.

This weekend at Derby I rode a strong race and ended up finishing the National series in 5th position…consistency throughout the series assure me of this position and it has taught me a lot and given me great focus for next CX season…bring it on.

I have the National Champs next weekend then I will be turning my hand back into my triathlon training. Thanks to all the sponsors and my wonderful teamies and pit man GaryMcCaffery

Di Lee 

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