Tuesday, 28 February 2012

I am back...

The re-opening of Herne Hill after the winter is one of my favourite times of the year. It feels like everyone is waking up after a long period of hibernation through winter. Most of my friends claim to have done not much training over the winter, but you know they have been quietly doing turbo sessions to make sure they come back stronger for the season ahead.

I am super excited about getting back on the track and injecting some pace in my training for the first time in a very very long time. 2011 was a bizarre year for me, I fell ill with a virus in about March and was unable to ride a bike properly for the rest of the season. I am normally able to race and party at a substantial rate so it was a real shock not being able to do the two things I love, apparently it is because I am not a spring chicken anymore.

I have been riding throughout the whole of winter but at the pace of a baby tortoise. I lost the fire in my belly to train and because I knew I had lost so much fitness I didnt want to go out and ride with the usual crowd or if I did i would go for a 'steady ride' so i didnt feel shit about myself. Thanks to Huw from La Fuga my mindset has really changed over the past month. I have started training again and really enjoying being back on the bike. I know I am well off the pace and the beginning of the season is going to be well hard but i dont really care. I guess its going to be like the first time I rode track with the boys, where each Saturday session I would try and cling on for slightly longer.

Let's just hope i am this positive after Saturdays session!



  1. Great that you're planning on racing the track this year, V! I'm super excited to get back on Herne Hill and enjoy some women's racing! See you there! :)

  2. We love happy comebacks, good luck!

  3. Hey V,
    I was looking forward to Saturday too. Now I have injured my kne. Hope to see you at the track soon! T