Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Firstly to get the excuses out of the way…

I have spent a long time, as V describes in her last blog post, riding more akin to the pace of a tortoise than that of a track rider and so coming back to race pace has become a long slog, and I’m still a long way off.

To summarise, I fell off and broke some ribs which should have been straight forward, except that having gone un x-rayed, the ribs subsequently damaged my lung, which led to a series of illnesses including pneumonia, pleurisy and eventually, a pneumothorax (partial collapse).

What has happened during my time off the bike is that I decided, I really was happier on it, than not and in turn that re-kindled my love for the sport. The next part wasn’t so easy, as I found my head still thought I could sprint at race pace, but my body did not!
While I’ve had a bit of bad luck, I’ve had the opportunity to fall back on my team mates who have been so supportive and given me all the time I’ve needed to get back to health, without rushing things on the bike.

Track cycling is such an exciting discipline and I’m not ready to give it up any time soon. So, I’ll be joining V this weekend for what I’m sure will be a slower than desired pedal on my part and track coaching for the women’s session on Sunday afternoon. Hope to see you there!

Becs X

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