Thursday, 22 August 2013

Anna's Summer

I felt like the summer passed me by. I broke my arm, and for a while I was cool with it. I have never broken a bone before, and considering the things I throw myself off, I feel like I have been in bonus time.

It was my left hand, so I could still work and I quite enjoyed just chilling, spending time at home, lazy breakfasts, getting work done.

ITV's cycle show took up a fair bit of my time.

But then, once the cast came off I started looking through everyone else's facebook pics and race reports, and I felt totally GUTTED at all the things I have missed out on. My wrist was weak and my head went to a pretty bad place when I was back on jumps or in the skatepark. So to make up for all the extra work I did whilst in the cast, I took a 4-day holiday to just ride. And that's all I did. 

I rode to death.

It was awesome. I did some things I've not done before, but mostly I was just trying to get back to how I was before I broke my arm. Well, actually, I was just trying to have a really good time. And I bloody loved it!

 Every bike came out. Did I say, I loved  it?


  1. Fantastic Anna, very inspiring!

  2. Very beautiful girl in arm cast.Did you take the cast off?Hope you feel better