Wednesday, 28 August 2013

An update from Becca

This season has been a busy one. Track racing has been back on the agenda as well as presenting for the ITV4 Cycle Show and writing a book.

I’ve teamed up with fitness experts Hannah Reynolds and Rob Hicks to write what I guess is the prequel to our last book Fitter, Further, Faster. It focuses on cycling, I promise, not other… erm, cardio activities.

So the new book is called Get on your bike! And will be out to buy in a couple of months, not that I'm shamelessly plugging or anything. It’s an exciting time for our sport and fantastic that it’s spanning so far into the mainsteam with ‘ordinary’ people wanting to get into it. It’s not just about us die hards anymore or as my friends at school would have referred to it ‘weirdo’s in pointy hats’. Cycling is now cool and people want to watch it on telly and read about how to get more into it. 

Myself and Lou had the pleasure of riding with Davina McCall last month and she is a proper Lycra-lover, she genuinely can’t get enough of cycling so we’re hoping she’ll be out for a ride with the MBG’s again soon. Davina, in the meantime, we’re waiting by the phone…


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