Friday, 6 September 2013

Wiesia - Crash, Bang, Knackered Shoulder

For me this season had a very exciting start with the team finishing so well at the Tour Series. I came out of the series feeling super motivated and couldn't wait to get back to my favouite discipline, the track. Having Rebecca back racing at Herne Hill was a huge bonus and it felt like the good old times. Unfortunately my season did not really progress from there, a crash at Wednesday night track league took me down as well as 15 other riders  and left me with a busted shoulder and still off the bike as I write this post.

I remember the whole crash clearly, it was the A & B 20k scratch race, the pace had started to pick up and I was at the back of a huge field. I remember cursing at myself for being at the back of the bunch as I knew it was only a matter of time before the likes of Symon Lewis and Iain Cook would attack to break the field up, so I moved up to about half way up the pack and then CARNAGE! It felt like I was in a game of lemmings, there were riders going down and everywhere and I was trying to pick a safe line, I thought I was clear and then someone came down just in front of me and I hit the deck – boo hoo! This is actually my first big crash since I have been racing, so more recently the thought had started to creep in my head that it was only a matter of time, I do feel lucky to have managed to go five years with no serious crashes.

The Outcome of crash was a grade IV  acromioclavicular joint separation, according to the docs I met – I did a very good job at separating my collar bone from my shoulder. Normally you can just rest and the shoulder will come back together, but as I had done such a good job I needed surgery to put it back. Good old waiting list on the NHS meant a 10 day wait before the operation, which was interesting as being a freelancer I had to attempted to go straight back to work, which wasn't my brightest idea! The operation went very well and I was home the next day.

V rocking her sling at the RideLondon GP

For the first time in a long time it has made me stop and reflect. I have had the chance to read tons of books as now I am faced with an hour commute on the train to work rather than a 45 min bike ride and it has given me time to catch up with mates and generally get back on top of everything not cycling related. 

All clouds have a silver lining they say.

Unfortunately recovery from this injury is slow going and I have prob another month before I can be back riding again, but I am out of the sling and my mobility is starting to come back. I have been able to keep my legs turning by doing the occasional Sufferfest and I can still just about fit in my jeans, so to be honest it is not all that bad!

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  1. How's your recovery, Phoebe? I positively think it would help quicken your comeback time if you would add exercises for the scapular stability and posture improvement to your routine. Foam roll and shoulder rotation with cables would do well for a kick-start. Sienna@Fort Lauderdale Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine