Monday, 12 March 2012

First 2012 MuleBar Girl Women's Track session

Finally, the weather permitted us to go-ahead with our women's track training session this Sun. After many weeks of disappointment, the weather decided to make a summer come-back in style, with beautiful warm sunshine, allowing us all to train in shorts!!

We stuck to the early start time (1.30 arrive for 2pm start) as we will do unitl the clocks go back. We had a range of riders, from complete beginners on the track for the first time, to MuleBar Girl team riders who were riding for pro teams last season. We managed to tailor the session to meet everyone's ability so that there was skills-learning and fitness training for all. After a warm-up we did a 12 lap "Hare and Hounds" race, with the faster group set the task of working together to catch the slower group. The slower group, under Rebecca's tuition, were so slick and smooth in their riding the faster group never managed to catch them!

We did some paired pursuits in evenly matched pairs and not a lot of recovery time between each! We finished with a 12 lap Handicapped Scratch race - by which time most people were roughly aware of each others ability so had their own personal goals of people they wanted to beat.

It was a great session, and next time we hope that some of the trainees will join us for a drink after. Although riding up college hill after 2 portions of chips, 4 glasses of wine and on a BMX is not exactly inspirational to budding, track-racing athletes!


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