Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Sun, cycling, sea, mountains & coffee

Sun, cycling, sea, mountains & coffee. The perfect combination for what turned out to be a hardcore training camp. I’m pretty sure I told everyone I was going on holiday – holiday?! Well at least I’ve made a good start on my dodgy tan lines.

I spent last week in Spain near La Manga on my first training camp of the year. It was somewhat different to the week there in 2011 when every day the winds whisked my hair at a gentle 42km per hour and nearly whisked me off the side of a mountain. When the weather is right the roads round there are a perfect training ground and I loved every minute on my bike. While my team mates were flying the racing flag back home I was chomping through mule bars and chewing at my handlebars up some amazing climbs and of course supping one or two cups of coffee with a view.

I love feeling the sun on my face and not having to spend half an hour putting all items of clothing I own to go out on a bike and now I’m back the sun is still shining. Spring has Sprung and that can only mean one thing… it’s time to race :o)


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